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We've partnered with the best to make sure that you rock!

Evolver Studios is where all the magic happens. From concept to production, Evolver has the expertise to design and develop games that will engage and monetize your fans on their personal devices.

Consonance Productions is a music production company founded by Producer/Engineers Jeff Kanan and Nick Sullivan. Based in Denver, CO, Consonance Productions takes years of music industry experience, multi-platinum and Grammy nominated records, and a state of the art recording studio into producing competitive music for the global music market.

Indienink Music provides media management services for artists, bands, and labels within the music industry and is headed by industry veteran Marlene Palumbo.

With over 60 years combined experience in virtually every facet of game development and distribution, The Alacrity Group is dedicated to helping build high-value game IP, industry leading teams, and robust revenue streams.

Friends of Mine is a creative agency that is focused on narrative, innovative storytelling and design-driven visuals. With a team of award winning directors, animators, and writers Friends of Mine are able to touch the heart of your player.



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