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     Boasting one of the largest libraries of music ever in a puzzle game, Polymusica turns every song into a unique color-matching puzzle for you and your friends to solve.  Touted as Spotify meets Candy Crush, the fresh take on game mechanics and music integration make this game one that you don’t want to miss.  Polymusica is coming soon to your iOS and Android devices!

   Chemistry Club: Navigator is our flagship experiment in creating a multiplatform game for a single song.  We partnered with Denver's Chemistry Club to craft an experience that would highlight their music and vision.  Our job?  Make it fun, informative, and help get it in front of an audience.    

   The Host Club is an up and coming Denver band.  We wanted to create a super unique and fun app showcasing their latest music and content.  We decided to go multiplatform and release on iOS, Android, and Facebook.  The more the merrier, right? 

     We helped the lead development team, Realta, bring the game to life with our charting talent on vocals as well as will bass guitar chart testing.  We worked on over 75 songs from top national and international artists from the vast history of rick and pop music.  

   Rockstar Rising is a social Facebook game built for Whotune Music Group with the unified purpose of exposing the world to independent music.  The core game experience is centered on building a band, learning songs, and playing at venues.  

   We started Offbeat years ago with the purpose of creating and releasing charted songs into the Rock Band Network.  To date we have released nearly 100 songs for the platform, and have had a blast in the process. 

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