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   We started Offbeat years ago with the purpose of creating and releasing charted songs into the Rock Band Network.  To date we have released nearly 100 songs for the platform, and have had a blast in the process.  


   From Evanescence to Dimmu Borgir, and from indie artists all the way to international acts, we learned a lot about creating music gaming experiences along the way.


   It was the experiences we had charting for Rock Band that inspired us to start thinking differently about music and video games.  In a sense, it really helped to shape the way we think about the music industry in general.  


   Here are a few of the songs we have charted:


Evanescence  "Going Under"

Portugal. The Man  "Do You"

Godhead  "Trapped In Your Lies"

Jerry Lee Lewis  "Great Balls of Fire"

Mayday Parade  "Jamie All Over"

Dimmu Borgir  "The Serpentine Offering"

Circa Survive  "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose"

Closure In Moscow  "Sweet#hart"

Blessthefall  "What's Left Of Me"


More... (Full list)

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Get It Here:


   Chemistry Club: Navigator is our flagship experiment in creating a multiplatform game for a single song.  We partnered with Denver's Chemistry Club to craft an experience that would highlight their music and vision.  Our job?  Make it fun, informative, and help get it in front of an audience.  



1) A custom game experience

2) Full music library

3) Exclusive song remixes 

4) Exclusive band videos

5) Social connectivity

6) Multiplatform (Android, iOS, and Facebook)

7) In-app purchases for extra content


   Check it out on your phone, tablet, or Facebook.  


   BandFuse: Rock Legends is a PS3 and Xbox 360 title released in 2013.  It allows the  player to use their own bass, guitar, or vocal mic to play along with a vast library of classic music.  


   We helped the lead development team, Realta, bring the game to life with our charting talent on vocals as well as will bass guitar chart testing.  We worked on over 75 songs from top national and international artists from the vast history of rick and pop music.  


   Here are some of the many songs and artists we charted:


Alanis Morissette  "You Oughta Know" 

All American Rejects  "Move Along"

Billy Idol  "Rebel Yell" 

Black Label Society  "Overlord"

Blink-182  "All The Small Things"

Blue Öyster Cult  "Godzilla"

Bootsy Collins  "Rock Bandit"

Cheap Trick  "I Want You to Want Me"

Children of Bodom  "Are You Dead Yet"

The Clash  "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

Coldplay  "Yellow"

Dream Theater  "Pull Me Under"

Fall Out Boy  "Sugar, We're Goin' Down"

Foreigner  "Hot Blooded"

Grateful Dead  "Hell In a Bucket"

Heart  "Barracuda"

Incubus  "Drive"

Jane's Addiction  "Been Caught Stealing"

Judas Priest  "Breaking the Law"

Kansas  "Carry On Wayward Son"


More... (Full list)


   The Host Club is an up and coming Denver band.  We wanted to create a super unique and fun app showcasing their latest music and content.  We decided to go multiplatform and release on iOS, Android, and Facebook.  The more the merrier, right?  


   This app not only showcases their library of music, but also has a host of unique social features, interactive content, and some exclusives too.  It's a great way to check out their latest events and stay up to date with the band.



1) Music library

2) Social connectivity

3) Band exclusives (music, video)

4) Biographies

5) Exclusive song mixing experience

6) Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Facebook)

7) Events integration


Check out the download links below to get the app for free.  


   Rockstar Rising is a social Facebook game built for Whotune Music Group with the unified purpose of exposing the world to independent music.  The core game experience is centered on building a band, learning songs, and playing at venues.  


   Rockstar Rising features social gameplay elements, band customization, the ability to write music, and "link throughs" to band profiles.  Players utilize 45-50 second clips of independent music to progress through the game, so there's plenty of hooks to connect players with bands.   


   Offbeat was responsible for charting and preparing over 300 songs for Rockstar Rising.  It also ends up that Justin, Micah, and Jason were on the development team that made the game (21-6 Productions) .


  Since launch Rockstar Rising has resulted in over 10 million song plays for independent artists.  

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