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Comprehensive Song Release List


The Lora G Band - "The Light"

Godhead - "Trapped In Your Lies"

Jerry Lee Lewis - "Great Balls of Fire"

IDLEMINE - "Circus"

AFD Shift - "Crusader"

The Lora G Band - "Mary"

The Stanleys - "Kid's Gonna Rock"

Mikel James - "Back to You"

Tora - "Higher"

Art Benson - "Mind In Motion"

Fretless - "Ride"

Jerry Naylor - "That'll Be the Day"

Catsmelvin - "Wrong Side"

Jerry Naylor - "My Little Girl"

Jerry Naylor - "Teardrops Fall Like Rain"

Jerry Naylor - "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On"

X-Y - "Superficial"

Die Hard Till Death - "The Will"

Emerald - "On the Run"

Lee-Leet - "So High"

Ten Year Vamp - "Got 2 Me"

Shatterglass - "Coming Undone"

Small Room 9 - "Paging Ground Control"

Sherryce and DJ Jounce - "Ooh La La"

Heart Pharmacy - "California"

The Bitter Roots - "Me and You"

Jason Charles Miller - "You Get What You Pay For"

Sherryce ft. Beta Control - "Animal Instinct"

Rachel Lynn Sebastian and DJ Jounce - "I Gotchu Babe"

Jerry Naylor - "Mystery Train"

Jerry Naylor - "Not Fade Away"

Richard Snow - "Lonesome Cowboy"

Josh Blackburn - "I'm Dirt"

SuperSeed - "Play Around"

IDLEMINE - "Radio World"

Jaron and the Long Road to Love - "Pray For You"

Kari Kimmel - "Go"

Jerry Naylor - "Tear It Up"

The Bitter Roots - "Victim"

Jerry Naylor - "Real Wild Child"

Jerry Naylor - "Don't Ever Change"

Jerry Naylor - "All I Want Is You"

Jake Dreyer - "Harmony of the Spheres"

Without Mercy - "CMDUC"

Denbigh Cherry - "My God Is There Controlling"

Goliath Down - "Crazy Idea"

Denbigh Cherry - "He Is Good"

Casey James Prestwood - "Rebel On My Side"

IDLEMINE - "Wicked N' Wild"

Gary Dean Smith - "Diana Don't Slow Down"

Gary Dean Smith - "Fair Weather Friend"

Go Radio - "Any Other Heart"

Tina Guo - "Forbidden City"

One Day - "Give"

Without Mercy - "Slit"

Blue Water Dance - "Making Love (To a Foreign Woman While Reading Time Magazine)"

IDLEMINE - "Glamour Life"

Devoutcast - "Make It Last"

Synthetic Elements - "Life Will Fade Away"

Before Nine - "I"

Soilwork - "Stabbing the Drama"

Synthetic Elements - "Evelene"

Circa Survive - "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose"

Closure In Moscow - "Sweet#hart"

Blessthefall - "What's Left Of Me"

Synthetic Elements - "How Far"

Killbody Tuning - "Marker of Change"

Killbody Tuning - "Bamberg"

A Skylit Drive - "Too Little Too Late"

Killbody Tuning - "Seestrasse"

Tina Guo - "Queen Bee"

Raven Quinn - "The Window"

Steve Fister - "Dodgin Bullets"

Steve Fister - "Zig Zag Talk"

Twin Atlantic - "Audience and Audio"

Twin Atlantic - "What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?"

Common Anomaly - "Hate To Say"

Raven Quinn - "Decadence"

Mayday Parade - "Jamie All Over"

Dimmu Borgir - "The Serpentine Offering"

Raven Quinn - "Catalyst"

Evanescence - "Going Under"

Portugal. The Man - "Do You"

The Shins - "Phantom Limb"

Sister Sin - "On Parole"

The Downtown Fiction - "Best I Never Had"

Steve Fister - "Old Lady Trouble"

The Gracious Few - "Appetite"

22-20s - "Latest Heartbreak"

The Knew - "United"

Delta Spirit - "White Table"

The Gracious Few - "Honest Man"

Alien Downlink - "Heavy Plastic"


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