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We make games for your fans!


For years, Offbeat has been integrating your music into popular games like Rock Band.  


During those same years, mobile and Facebook gaming have exploded.  Hundreds of millions of people are playing games on these platforms every month.  Those same people are also spending tons of money on virtual items in the games.


Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have your own game that put your music in front of those same millions?  Well now you can!  Offbeat was founded by game developers and we have decided to bring that talent to the forefront in 2014.


Team up with Offbeat to design, fund, and release your very own video game.  Chemistry Club decided to ... and check out the result!  


Why do you want a game?


Get in front of millions of gamers across Facebook and mobile devices


Increase your music sales


Increase your Likes and Follows


Increase Fan retention


Generate virtual item revenue


Inspire real social growth


Give people something to talk about!

Why Offbeat?


Proven team of game developers


Proven team of music industry veterans


Long history of helping bands succeed in the music business


Passion for music and games


Besides building music games, how else does Offbeat help?


Exclusive content

Adding exclusive content to your game is part of making a unique experience for your fans. This translates into more fan retention, sharing between friends, and donations/revenue.  Want to record a new song just for the game? Or maybe some exclusive behind the scenes video content? No problem! Offbeat is partnered with Consonance Studios and Friends of Mine here in Denver to provide top tier production services.



As most of you know, having great content is only half the battle. You also need to market your content actively to maximize it's success.  To that end, Offbeat has partnered with Indienink and The Alacrity Group to make available marketing services for your game in both the music and game industries respectively.



How much does all of this cost?

Games come in all shapes and sizes. Our job is to work with you and design a game that fits your content, budget, and time constraints (if any).  To that end, Offbeat will prepare a high-level game design along with a quote to qualified candidates.


Give us a call or email us to get the ball rolling:


t: 720-993-6820


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