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   We started Offbeat years ago with the purpose of creating and releasing charted songs into the Rock Band Network.  To date we have released nearly 100 songs for the platform, and have had a blast in the process.  


   From Evanescence to Dimmu Borgir, and from indie artists all the way to international acts, we learned a lot about creating music gaming experiences along the way.


   It was the experiences we had charting for Rock Band that inspired us to start thinking differently about music and video games.  In a sense, it really helped to shape the way we think about the music industry in general.  


   Here are a few of the songs we have charted:


Evanescence  "Going Under"

Portugal. The Man  "Do You"

Godhead  "Trapped In Your Lies"

Jerry Lee Lewis  "Great Balls of Fire"

Mayday Parade  "Jamie All Over"

Dimmu Borgir  "The Serpentine Offering"

Circa Survive  "The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose"

Closure In Moscow  "Sweet#hart"

Blessthefall  "What's Left Of Me"


More... (Full list)

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